Entergy Solutions works with business owners, facility managers and trade ally contractors to identify opportunities and provide cash incentives for completing eligible upgrades with proven energy savings. Energy-efficient upgrades can help your business lower maintenance costs, increase occupancy rates and increase asset value.

Eligible upgrades include:

  • HVAC equipment and controls.
  • Building automation systems.
  • Lighting and lighting controls.
  • Motors and pumps.
  • Compressed air systems.
  • Refrigeration.
  • Commercial kitchen equipment.

Thank you for your interest in the Commercial Solutions Program. Please contact the program team for current incentive availability at EntergySolutionsLA@entergy.com

Prescriptive and Custom Incentives

Prescriptive incentives are for one-to-one equipment upgrades, such as replacing incandescent or CFL bulbs with LEDs. For a complete list of prescriptive incentives, click here.

Custom incentives are also paid for more complex projects or equipment not included on the prescriptive list. These incentives are calculated on a per project basis. To apply for custom incentives, you'll need to complete a custom calculator. Custom incentive rates are:

  • $0.16 per kWh saved for small commercial facilities with peak demand under 100kW.
  • $0.09 per kWh saved for non-lighting projects in large commercial and industrial facilities with peak demand at or above 100kWh.
  • $0.08 per kWh saved for lighting projects in large commercial and industrial facilities with peak demand at or above 100kWh.

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Need to find a trade ally?

Participating trade ally contractors are approved and trained by the program. They can assist you with your next energy efficiency project. Click here to find a trade ally near you.

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For more information on how to participate call 844-829-1300 or email us at entergysolutionsla@entergy.com

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