Entergy Louisiana, LLC - Rate Schedule "LA"


All of the provisions of each rate schedule you are about to access apply when calculating a bill for service. The amount of a bill for service will be modified by any optional Rate Riders selected by the Customer or other Rate Riders that must apply.

Copies of Entergy Louisiana, LLC tariffs are provided for informational purposes only as a convenience to our customers. Your use is subject to the terms contained in the "Legal Information" page on this website. The official tariff documents are on file with the Louisiana Public Service Commission. If there are differences between the electronic copies on this website and the official tariff documents on file with the regulatory agencies, the official documents shall prevail. In addition, Entergy Louisiana makes no warranty or representation that a particular tariff/schedule selected by a customer is available to or suitable for that customer. You are encouraged to contact Entergy Louisiana directly to determine whether a particular tariff/schedule is applicable to and/or available for your service requirements.

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  Residential Rate Schedules
RS-L Residential and Farm Service
MMRA-L* Master-Metered Residential Apartment Service
OBP Optional Billing Plans
EEDBP Energy Emergency Deferred Billing Program
  Other Rate Schedules
MS Schedule of Charges for Miscellaneous Services
  Street/Lighting Rate Schedules
ALS-LED Area Lighting Service - Light Emitting Diode (LED)
HPSV NW-L High Pressure Sodium Vapor "Night Watchman" Controlled All Night Outdoor Lighting Service
HPSV-L High Pressure Sodium Vapor Street Lighting
DSL-L Directional Security Lighting
RLU-LED Rider for Street Lighting Service – Light Emitting Diode
  Rider and Rate Adjustments
AMS Advanced Metering System Customer Charge
AMSOO Advance Metering System Opt-Out Fee
CDG Optional Community Distributed Generation Rider
DG Distributed Generation Rider
FA Fuel Adjustment Rider
Record of Fuel Adjustments Billed
FRP Formula Rate Plan Rider
FSPP Fuel Stabilization Pilot Program Rider
Record of Fuel Stabilization Pilot Program Billed
RPCEA-L Rough Production Cost Equalization Adjustment Rider
NFRPCEA-L Non-Fuel Rough Production Cost Equalization Adjustment Rider
FSCII-ELL Financed Storm Cost II Rider
FSCIII-ELL Financed Storm Cost III Rider
FSCIV-ELL Financed Storm Cost IV Rider
FSCV-ELL Financed Storm Cost V Rider
SCO-L Storm Cost Offset Rider
SCOII-L Storm Cost Offset II Rider
SCOIII-L Storm Cost Offset III Rider
SCOIV-ELL Storm Cost Offset IV Rider
SCOV-ELL Storm Cost Offset V Rider
EAC Environmental Adjustment Clause Rider
Environmental Adjustment Clause Used in Billed
SLGR-L Securitized Little Gypsy Recovery Rider
SLGO-L Securitized Little Gypsy Offset Rider
EECR-QS-L Quick Start Energy Efficiency Cost Rate Rider
EECR-PE Energy Efficiency Cost Rider for Public Entities
FT Fuel Tracker Rider
  Other Rider Schedules
NM Optional Residential/Commercial Net Metering Rider
GPO Green Pricing Option Rider
A-1-L* Three Phase Residential and Farm Electric Service
A-L Three Phase Residential and Farm Electric Service
B-L* Experimental Rider to Residential Electric Service For Residential Underground Distribution
RLU-L Rider For Street Lighting Service in Subdivisions
SLPS-L Rider for Street Light Pole Service
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

*Not Available to New Customers